Decorative Iron Doors

At General Iron, our luxurious iron doors are made right here at home in Houston. These grand and elegant entry ways serve as a reflection to the soul of your home. An iron door creates a balance of elegance and security.

With the proper insulation, different choices in glass, and decorative hinges, your iron door will become a focal point on your home. If you have a personal design or CAD drawing, we can take it from paper to production.


IronDoors_01.jpg IronDoors_02.jpg IronDoors_03.jpg Inserts_DSCN1314.JPG Inserts_DSCN1315.JPG Inserts_20130424_095336.jpg Inserts_DSCN0171.JPG Inserts_20130424_095347.jpg Inserts_random frame.JPG Inserts_20130424_095415.jpg Inserts_second frame.JPG Inserts_second door.JPG Inserts_20130712_102913.jpg Inserts_20130424_095429.jpg Inserts_DSCN0173.JPG Inserts_20130712_102905.jpg